I usually recommend that babies should be between 0-14 days old to get the tiny newborn photos when you can mould them into shapes safely while they are fast asleep, after 14 days you might find they start to wriggle a bit, stay awake longer and their perfect skin starts to dry out or get a few milk spots - however, I always try to fit clients in whenever they want photos as I know births and babies can be so unpredictable. We can retouch all images working along side your brief, keeping them as natural as possible, or we can smooth dry and flakey skin, correct jaundice, mottling of the skin, give them beautiful creamy skin and remove any blemishes. 

During the Newborn shoots we like to be very flexible, working around your baby and taking regular breaks for feeding and comforting if needed.  Ideally, once they get to the studio, you can feed them and they will fall asleep, then we will run through a few different poses, using different props and clothing, then if you would like images of your baby with you and the rest of the family, we can do that.  Within the session we are quite used to wee, poo and sick, so please don’t feel worried that your baby will make a mess, all fabrics are washed in a suitable baby wash after coming into contact with other babies.

The Styling

We have a few different props and Newborn clothing which you can pick out, or if we can get an idea of what you would like before the session, we can set up before you get there.  Please ask if you are interested in a particular look.  If you’re not sure what to ask for, to help decide what sort of look you would like for the shoot, do you have any ideas of what sort of photos you would like?  Would you like the perfectly peaceful posed baby portraits, or do you just want some updated images of your family with your new addition?  If you really want the peaceful portraits I would recommend booking our Full Newborn Shoots, we have 3 hours to try and get the baby sound asleep to achieve these poses using various different props and we should have enough time to get the rest of the family also if that is what you’d like.