Newborn and Baby Portraits

The first year of our babies’ lives goes by so fast and their development is the most wonderful thing to behold.  Help cherish those moments and memories forever with beautiful photos which encapsulate their first year from their tiny newborn feet to their first candle on their birthday cake.  For newborn photos, we advise that babies are between 0-14 days old as they are usually very sleepy at this age and their tummies are still small enough to comfortably put them into tight curled up poses.  Do not worry about their cracked skin or spots, we can correct all this if you wish.  Through my own experience though, I know that sometimes babies and mums are just not ready for photos so early on, and I am happy to take photos at any age, so don't feel you have missed out.  Please note, the safety and comfort of your babies and children during our sessions is very important to us and therefore we cannot guarantee that certain poses you may have seen in our previous work can be achieved with your child, but I am positive we will capture some beautiful photos of you newborn regardless, while maintaining safety and comfort at all times.  



This may include 2-4 outfits/set ups, with the full use of props in the studio,  use of the posing beanbag and photos with siblings and parents. Sessions can also take place in the comfort of your home, so please inquire.  We edit our Newborn portraits to a high standard, skin smoothing, colour correcting are as standard with additional techniques to create irresistible photos, we can discuss with you any additional work that may be required and work to your brief.

What's Included

  • A 2 hour photoshoot in our studio

  • Use of Our Props and Backgrounds

  • 5 Beautifully enhanced Digital Images in both Colour and Black and White

  • We edit Newborn images with subtle skin smoothing techniques to ensure newborn images are as beautiful and soft as possible.


After the Session

You will be provided with a private link to an online gallery of your images, where you can choose and peruse in the comfort of your home and decide how many you would like, there is no hard sell and you have the time to liaise with all family members.  After you have chosen your images, we will edit them and make them perfect, before uploading them onto the online gallery again where you can view the digital images, download them to your computer or mobile device and share them with loved ones. We can provide them on disc or usb for an additional cost.  At Irresistible You Are, we love seeing our work on display in your homes and we have some great deals on quality prints albums and wall art, please ask for more details.

Can I Purchase More Images?

If you fall in love with more images in your proofing gallery, individual digital images can be purchased for £12 each, or we would happily recommend checking out one of our ADD ON Packages which offer some great deals on more images and extra finishing touches. Please note Additional ADD ON Packages do not include the original Photoshoot session Fee, they are purely an additional product to compliment your original session and offer some great savings.

Can I spread the cost?

Yes!  We try our best to keep our session prices affordable for all, however, to ease the cost, we can accept payment plans for any of the packages, spreading the cost over a few months or even a year to help keep your cherished memories forever.  Our prices not only reflect our experience and time in the studio, but time taken to upload and edit your images, maintain monthly licence subscriptions and relevant insurances. They reflect the purchase and upkeep of props, materials, backgrounds and equipment as well as our usual business running costs.  Thank you for your support.

 ADD ON Newborn: Tiny Toes to Candles Package - £265 (40% off)

Perfect for cherishing the milestones in your baby’s first year. After your Newborn Session you can come back in the studio or location for 2 Mid-Year Minis and the Cake Smash Shoot. For the Mid-Year Minis, we would recommend coming back at roughly 3--5 months, when your baby is able to hold their head up or enjoys tummy time and they love to smile (while putting everything in their mouth), also 6-8 months when your baby can sit unaided and is just bubbling with gummy laughs.

What's Included

  • Two Mid-Year Mini Sessions both 20 minute sessions with a choice of props and backgrounds and our Irresistible Pop In Session Chair

  • A 90 minute Celebration/Cake Smash shoot

  • 40 digital images to choose from throughout the year (this can include images taken from your Newborn session also).  All chosen images will be beautifully enhanced and you will receive them in colour and black and white.

**Payment plans are available with this offer, to split the cost throughout the year.

ADD ON NEWBORN: 12 Months of Me £250 (40% Off)

Do you want to see the amazing development and growth of your baby over the course of a year?  The idea of this session is that we use the same prop throughout the year to really illustrate how your little one grows and develops.  Parent and sibling photos can also be taken in the time allowed.

What's included

  • TWELVE 5 minute Irresistible Pop In Studio sessions scheduled every month

  • Photos to be taken each month, in the same place, in the same chair, in the same style, creating a beautiful documentation of your baby’s growth and development over their first year.

  • 3 Complimentary digital photos from each photo session.

  • A beautiful digital collage of the months put together in a timeline.

  • A 90 minute Celebration/Cake Smash shoot to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, with 15 digital images to choose (this can include images taken from your Newborn session also).

**Payment plans are available with all offers, to split the cost throughout the year.

ADD ON Newborn: Gold Package £230 (35% off)

What's Included:

  • 27 additional digital images beautifully enhanced which you will receive in both colour and stunning black and white

You may choose ONE of the following:

  • £35 of print credit OR

  • A Video and Photo Highlight Montage OR

  • Digital Collage Design, Quote Overlay and Name Plaque Design

 ADD ON newborn: Silver package £180 (20% off)

What's Included:

  • 17 additional digital images beautifully enhanced which you will receive in both colour and stunning black and white

You may choose ONE of the following:

  • £25 of print credit OR

  • One Fine Art Magical Background Image OR

  • Digital Collage Design and Quote Overlay

 ADD ON newborn: Bronze package £90 (10% off)

What's Included:

  • 7 additional digital images beautifully enhanced which you will receive in both colour and stunning black and white

You may choose ONE of the following:

  • One 8x6” Print OR

  • One Digital Collage Design OR

  • One Quote Overlay

(Please see our Extra Touches page for more information on these products)


To book your session we ask for a deposit, which is 50% of the session fee, that will be a part payment of the full session fee. The full session fee can of course be paid in full before the session if you wish. Please note the deposit is non refundable, but shoot dates can be rescheduled or re gifted if needed.

Vouchers are available

Photoshoots make the best

  • Wedding Gift

  • Birthday Gift

  • Baby Shower Gift

  • New Baby Gift

  • Christening Gift

  • Christmas Gift

  • Graduation Gift


What to Expect & Bring

I usually recommend that babies should be between 0-14 days old to get the tiny newborn photos when you can mould them into shapes safely while they are fast asleep, after 14 days their tummies get larger so can't bend as comfortably, you might find they start to wriggle a bit, stay awake longer and their perfect skin starts to dry out or get a few milk spots - however, I always try to fit clients in whenever they want photos as I know births and babies can be so unpredictable. We can retouch all images working along side your brief, keeping them as natural as possible, or we can smooth dry and flakey skin, correct jaundice, mottling of the skin, give them beautiful creamy skin and remove any blemishes.

During the Newborn shoots we like to be very flexible, working around your baby and taking regular breaks for feeding and comforting if needed.  Ideally, once they get to the studio, you can feed them and they will fall asleep, then we will run through a few different poses, using different props and clothing, then if you would like images of your baby with you and the rest of the family, we can do that.  Within the session we are quite used to wee, poo and sick, so please don’t feel worried that your baby will make a mess, all fabrics are washed in a suitable baby wash after coming into contact with other babies.

The Styling

We have a few different props and Newborn clothing which you can pick out, or if we can get an idea of what you would like before the session, we can set up before you get there saving a lot of time.  Please ask if you are interested in a particular look.  If you’re not sure what to ask for, to help decide what sort of look you would like for the shoot, do you have any ideas of what sort of photos you would like?  Would you like the perfectly peaceful posed baby portraits, or do you just want some updated images of your family with your new addition?  If you really want the peaceful portraits I would recommend booking our Full Newborn Shoots, we have 3 hours to try and get the baby sound asleep to achieve these poses using various different props and we should have enough time to get the rest of the family also if that is what you’d like.

What colours would you like?  Gender specific or more neutral tones, or dark colours?  If you can’t decide, think about your house and which rooms you would like the photos to go in?  Would you put photos in your nursery?  Think the same when picking colours for you to wear as a family.  We are very happy to discuss this with you and we can set up and get props out according to your colour palette.


  • To get the lovely photos of your newborn, we have a few tricks up our sleeve, but here is a list of how you can help to achieve the best photos possible.

  • If possible can you try to keep your baby wake as much as possible before the session. I know this is quite impossible for a newborn, but perhaps you could give them a bath or change them.

  • If you’d like newborn poses in my wraps and in the nude, before you come to the session, please dress your baby in a babygrow or something that we can remove easily without disturbing them too much.

  • If possible, please feed your baby at our studio not before you set off (unless traveling from very far). If they are fed at our studio, it saves a lot of time, they can become used to the room and if they fall asleep, we can get straight on with the photos. We can discuss a time to suit you, but usually an early morning slot works quite well.

  • Please don’t worry about your hair and make-up, the shoots take a long time and you will have time to do this at the studio if you are rushing to get everything ready before the shoot. Or if you wish, we can get a professional make-up artist for you if you would like a little pamper, please ask for details.

  • If you are bottle feeding, please bring extra milk to the session, sometimes the session can run on longer than expected or sometimes, just a little extra milk can just be all they need to slip off into milky heaven.

  • If you'd like photos taking of you all and have no idea what to wear, you could bring a white/neutral coloured top, perhaps a bit of lace, something quite feminine, for males, a nice white tight tee shirt or a white/pale shirt is nice (unless these are not your style at all). If you have an idea of what colour you would like to wear, please discuss with us so we can set up backgrounds accordingly.

  • If you are bringing older brothers or sisters, if possible, please bring least 1 other grownup with you, the sessions can go on for a long time, in which the older ones might want to go out for a walk/go to the park or get submerged in a good game or toy until their time is ready for photos. A game or tablet may also be a good way to entertain while they wait. We can of cause start with photos of the siblings if that is easier and they can then be picked up by another relative.

  • Please also bring food for yourselves or children, again, the sessions can take a long time and you may get a bit peckish.

Please bring

  • All the usual baby bits, nappies, wipes etc

  • Extra milk

  • Clothes you’d like the baby to wear

  • Clothes you’d like to wear

  • Significant Teddies, Toys, Books, Booties, Blankets

  • If you have older siblings coming, please bring something to keep then entertained



The room might have a heater on.  Please dress yourselves quite cool as it can get quite warm just so baby stays nice and snuggley asleep.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions, please let me know.